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Speed Shifter Peg product image Speed Shifter Peg
List Price: $44.95
Knurled Foot Pegs product image Knurled Foot Pegs
List Price: $69.95
Shifter Peg O-Ring product image Shifter Peg O-Ring
List Price: $6.99
Shifter Peg-Cats Paw product image Shifter Peg-Cats Paw
List Price: $11.99

Cutting Edge Harley Foot Pegs and Controls

Every rider who loves the open road must make an investment in motorcycle foot pegs. For every type of Harley, there is a foot peg and shifter peg that is going to work well and feel comfortable under the foot of the rider. The rider who needs Sportster highway pegs can change their Sportster foot pegs to something that feels comfortable under their foot and shifts easily.

However, there are so many styles of Harley shifter peg that you can choose almost anything! Changes to your bike make it more fun and more comfortable to ride. From the Sportster foot controls to the style of foot peg that people use to rest themselves when they are on the open road, there is an accessory that can make the bike just right for you.

Most people need to make some changes after their bike is ridden off the showroom floor, but those changes are not very hard to make. The motorcycle lover in everybody can purchase parts and accessories that will change their bike to the perfect riding machine for them with ease and affordability. Get started!